Personalized financial wellbeing
for everyone on your team

MoneyHappy gives everyone on your team a dedicated
financial coach for 1:1 money advice so they feel less
stressed, more engaged and happier at work.

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Financial wellbeing is more important than ever

Financial stress affects 50% of Australian employees, harming mental health, overall wellbeing, and job performance.

- National Employee Benefits Index, Flare, April 2023

In uncertain economic times, your employees’ financial
health is business critical

2.2 x

When employees are financially stressed, they are 2.2 x more likely to leave.

- PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2022


financial challenges make your employees 2x as likely to experience mental health challenges.

- Money & Mental Health - Heartward Strategic 2022


Of employees agree agree they would be attracted to another company that cared more about their financial wellbeing.

- PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2022

12 hours

Financially stressed employees lose up to 12 hours per week in presenteeism and absenteeism.

- AMP Financial Wellness Survey 2022

Employee financial stress is
costing Australian employers
$10 billion in lost productivity
every year

- National Employee Benefits Index, Flare, April 2023

Start boosting your team's financial wellbeing today

Create a better employee experience and support a culture of care

Our approach is based on scientific principles, crafted by industry experts, and customized for every individual employee.

We harness cutting-edge technology and provide professional coaching to help your staff feel more financially confident and settled in your company.

How It works

Support your team with financial benefits they want

70% of employees agree that talking to a money coach would give them greater confidence to manage their money.

Accessing professional financial guidance is typically expensive and complicated on their own. Providing access to financial coaching is a high value employee attraction & retention tool.

- Wagestream State of Employee Financial Wellbeing Report 2023
Our Approach

Decrease financial stress, increase loyalty and retention

Personalised financial wellbeing benefits allow your company to demonstrate a truly supportive wellbeing culture, one that cares about your people outside of work, enabling you to attract and retain the team you want.

Employees who are on track with their financial goals are more ….


Satisfied with the job they have now

Committed to their organization

Our qualified financial coaches support your employees to build confidence with

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  • Building an emergency fund
  • Understanding superannuation
  • Creating a budget
  • Managing their income & expenses
  • Dealing with debt
  • Saving to reach their goals
  • Plans to start investing
  • ...And everything in between!

With professional coaching from qualified experts

Our financial coaches have experience as financial advisers and have financial planning qualifications. With years of training and experience they provide the trusted guidance and support your employees need to build financial confidence and improve their wellbeing.

Our coaches don't sell financial products or make referral commissions, there is no hidden agenda - just a passion for helping everyday working Australian's understand and manage their money better for a happier life.

How it Works

Our platform is fast to roll out and easy to access:

  • Simple 2-minute onboarding
  • Engaging year-round program including regular video lessons, webinar trainings financial coaching sessions
  • Stand alone platform with no integrations required
  • Digital tools access with financial health checks, goal tracking, budgeting tools & cashflow reporting
  • Marketing materials to promote & integrate MoneyHappy financial wellbeing into recruitment, your employee experience

We help you create a measurable wellbeing experience


85% of employees say having access to financial wellbeing resources at work improved their positivity at work


92% of employees admit to feeling more in control and secure about their personal finances


4.9 out of 5 stars was the average rating for our wellbeing program compared to other wellbeing benefits at work

Professional help with a personal touch.

Our promise to your employees is security, privacy, and a supportive, inclusive environment to learn & talk about money. Our platform and solutions are:


We do not ever sell employee data and any information shared with our team is treated in accordance with privacy laws.


Our financial coaches are qualified financial experts who are impartial, with no products or services to sell and no referral commissions paid.


Our AFSL ensures that your team receives qualified and professional guidance for their financial wellbeing.

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