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Cost of living is the #1 concern for Gen Z ahead of climate change and mental health.

Young people are feeling overwhelmed by financial stress as they navigate their early career, affecting their mental health and job performance.

- Reference Deloitte Global 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey  & NAB Economics Q2 2023 Financial Hardship survey


of Gen Z live paycheck to paycheck


of Gen Z feel stressed or anxious at work all or most of the time due to financial concerns

How financial stress affects your early talent program

Gen Z’s financial struggles are impacting more than just their bank account balance. They impact your business too.

Lower Productivity

Young people’s productivity is the most affected by financial stress, with up to 31% of those aged 18 - 29 admitted it causes them to be less productive at work. 

Reference AMP Financial Wellness Survey 2022

Loss of Talent

23% of Gen Z plan to leave their employers within the next 12 months, with pay being the top reason they leave. 

Reference Deloitte Global Gen Z and Millennial Survey 2023

Poor Mental Health

Young adults are more susceptible to negative impacts from financial and mental health challenges.

Employees suffering with financial concerns are 2x more likely to suffer mental health challenges. 

Heartward Strategic, Money & Mental Health Report 2022

Our proactive integrated approach to financial wellbeing is a strategic lever for early careers wellbeing, supporting the growth of your future talent pipeline.

By catching financial stress early, we help you resolve the negative impacts experienced as higher turnover, lower productivity and mental health challenges.

Our Services

Join forces with MoneyHappy and elevate your learning & development program
with our tailored solutions for early career.

We offer a range of products and services that suit programs big and small.

Educational Programs

Our digital platform provides ready-to-launch self-paced video programs, financial quizzes, calculators and money management tools to help your graduates learn and improve with money straight away.

Interactive Workshops

Our engaging and interactive financial wellbeing workshops are tailored to those beginning their career or re-entering / re-training as part of your graduate program and cover topics that address their most pressing financial struggles and goals. 

Professional Coaching

We match each of your graduates to their own dedicated financial coach for the duration of your program to help them create a personal money management plan to reach their financial goals. 

Over 1-1 video calls and message support they are there to help your young professionals navigate the money challenges that come with starting work and managing a salary for the first time.

Bring out the best in your graduates & become an employer of choice

Financially empowered individuals are happier, healthier and more productive.

Our mission is to create financially secure and capable future leaders, ready to lean into their development journey without financial stress.

Let us elevate your program offering to attract and retain the very best candidates for your business.

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We’ll help you stand out from the crowd

Become an employer of choice

By leading with benefits and individual wellbeing you set yourself apart from the crowd by demonstrating your true commitment to the whole person that comes to work.

Cost of living is a key concern and finances are a top driver of stress. Financial wellbeing is a must have benefit to support mental health and improve learning and development outcomes.

Maximise the investment on all your perks and benefits

We help your graduates understand all the benefits you provide, how they work and help them financially.

This improves engagement with typically underutilised perks and financial incentives that you already invest in improving the overall return on investment into wellbeing.

Support diversity, inclusion & social impact

Several initiatives for early career programs promote diversity and inclusion by supporting various dimensions of diversity. However, young adults, women, and First Nations people are more susceptible to financial hardship and financial stress. 

Providing financial well-being support is key to achieving diversity and inclusion goals and breaking down barriers to create a more inclusive and egalitarian society.

- Heartward Strategic, Money & Mental Health Report 2022

Don’t let graduate financial stress derail your program's success

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