Frequently Asked Questions

MoneyHappy’s financial wellbeing platform creates a safe and secure way for you to connect with a qualified professional about your finances.

Because MoneyHappy is an independent organization, the support and financial coaching provided by our qualified coaching team remains completely confidential and free for you to use as part of your employee benefits program.

MoneyHappy is an online financial wellbeing platform that provides 1-1 professional financial coaching, educational content, and money management tools for everyone on your team.  

Our platform creates a safe and secure way for your employees to connect face-to-face with a qualified professional about financial concerns or questions they might have about their personal finances.

We believe that financially empowered people are healthier, happier, and more productive. A growing body of evidence now says the same.

Our aim is to guide and empower each person on your team with professional financial help - in a proactive, responsive and enduring way, so your business can improve the financial wellbeing of your team in the long term.

We provide financial education and financial coaching. The purpose of financial education is to provide you with an understanding of key financial concepts related to personal financial management, to enable you to make better decisions around your finances.

The purpose of financial coaching is to assist you to develop and maintain healthy money habits that may lead to wealth creation and create a plan for managing your personal income & expenses.

We do not provide personal financial advice or product recommendations to your employees, ever

No, we do not provide your staff with any personal financial advice or make any personal recommendations about financial services or products

Our financial coaches are there to provide unconflicted financial help and guidance to your team as they navigate financial stress and proactively work on their financial wellbeing, by understanding all the options available to them

Under Australian Law, you must have an Australian financial services license (AFSL) to conduct a financial services business and to provide financial advice to individuals

To meet this legislative requirement, MoneyHappy is a Corporate Authorized Representative (CAR# 277628) of Novus Capital Limited (ABN 32 006 711 995) holder of Australian Financial Services License No 238 168

From time to time, in the course of delivering individual financial coaching and group training, we may provide general advice only

Our AFSL allows our financial coaches & trainers to legally & compliantly provide our services to our clients and their employees, within Australia’s current financial services regulatory framework

Our financial coaching team is made up of experienced and qualified financial advisors who come from financial advice or related industry backgrounds and want to join us on our mission to help more working Australians access professional financial guidance and support

An Employee Assistance Program is a crisis response tool that aims to enhance emotional, mental, and psychological wellbeing through short-term counselling services

When it comes to your employee's personal finances, a counsellor or psychologist is not the right professional to provide assistance with their financial wellbeing

When it comes to managing the practical difficulties of meeting monthly expenses, creating expense plans and understanding the financial options available to them, these are not areas an EAP is properly licensed or experienced to provide employee guidance around

Our qualified financial expert model means your staff are always talking to a professional money coach, with education, training and experience in providing best-practice personal finance help

Many of our coaches are also experienced in behavioral and/or positive psychology giving them the comprehensive toolkit to provide guidance and support on financial wellbeing and drive impact for your workforce

Unlike an EAP, your employee's financial health is our top priority and our core focus. As such, we are constantly improving and tailoring our tools, resources and trainings to ensure they remain relevant to the world around us and the needs of your team

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