An engaging employee experience that helps people & businesses thrive

We’ve developed a strategic approach to financial wellness that works, built on research, created by financial professionals and relevant to everyone on your team.

With our clever combination of self-paced education, group training and 1:1 professional financial coaching, your people can now access the expert support they want and need, from wherever they choose to work.

Who we help

Small and medium-sized enterprises

We help people focused businesses support the financial wellbeing of their employees, enhance their benefit offering and attract & retain a high performing team.

Early careers development programs

We support the financial wellbeing of young professionals so they are less stressed, happier and settled in their job.

Organizations & Educational Institutions

We support the financial wellbeing of students and staff to reduce financial stress and improve productivity and learning outcomes.

How it Works...

Employees are paired with their own financial coach

Every employee is matched to a dedicated financial coach, based on their individual financial priorities, interets and goals. This ensures that everyone receives the right support for their unique situation.

All MoneyHappy financial coaches are strictly vetted, professionally qualified and completely impartial with years of professional experience.

Private sessions, powerful tools

MoneyHappy's financial wellbeing platform provides your team with custom built money management tools to help them plan and organise their day to day finances and work with their financial coach to set goals, analyze their spending, review their financial health and complete coach assigned tasks.

Continuous learning

Our self paced video programs, regular video podcast and live webinar sessions provide a varied and engaging continuous learning program.

We cover topics for every age and career stage so everyone on your team has the financial wellbeing support they need.

Interactive workshops & webinars

We have a suite of ready to launch live workshops across all areas of personal finance.

Our expert team can work with small groups, managers and leadership or specific talent programs to upskill and de stress your people in financial wellbeing.

Analyse your company's progress

Measure MoneyHappy's workforce impact with additional tools only admins can see that show aggregated engagement, priorities and goals of your team.

An all in one solution that supports the diverse learning styles & preferences of your employees.

We make it easy for you as well

Fresh Lessons

Exclusive events and webinars with expert guests covering everything from cost of living to investing for kids.

Metrics and Reporting

Detailed reports to help you understand improvements in wellbeing, while protecting employee privacy.

Account Management

A friendly and dedicated team, available whenever you need support for your financial wellbeing strategy.

Launch support

We have customisable resources to help you promote MoneyHappy to your employees at launch time and all year.

You've got enough on your plate already. Let us look after the financial wellbeing of your team.

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