Meet the Founders

With nearly three decades of combined experience across graduate recruiting & consulting and financial services, MoneyHappy's founding team brings a wealth of expertise and insights to building & running successful early career programs in financial wellbeing.

Rebecca Maher

Rebecca is a leading expert in financial wellbeing, with a proven track record of over 13 years in the financial services industry. As a seasoned professional in financial planning, coaching, and advisory roles, she has helped countless individuals achieve financial happiness.

Rebecca is widely recognized as a thought leader in the financial coaching area, and her achievements have earned her recognition as a finalist in the prestigious AFA Financial Services Award category of Rising Star in 2019. She has been featured as a guest financial expert in several media publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, New Idea, and Money Magazine.

Through her work, Rebecca is dedicated to empowering Australians to achieve financial well-being. She co-founded MoneyHappy, to spearhead the integration of financial wellbeing solutions into the Australian workplace.

Blair Whitehead

After finishing University at Manchester with a BA (Hons) in Business Management, Blair arrived in Sydney in 2003.

For the last 20 years he has worked as Founder & CEO of Proforce, a sales development company specializing in graduate recruitment, executive recruitment & training.

His deep knowledge of the early career candidate market provides unparalleled insights into the unique challenges employers face from a talent attraction & retention perspective when hiring & building early careers teams.

After learning of the alarming statistics around employee financial stress, particularly in the sub 40-year-old demographic, he felt compelled to address the need for improved financial wellbeing solutions in the Gen Z & Millennial age groups.

Seeing the opportunity that exists for both the employer and the employee by improving individual financial wellness, he co-founded MoneyHappy as a targeted solution for business to help their graduates & early career employees feel less stressed about money and happier, more settled in their job.

Blair supports MoneyHappy with partnership & sales development opportunities.

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