Financially empowered people are healthier, happier, and more productive

Together with physical and mental health, our financial health is critical to an effective wellbeing strategy at work.

At every age and life stage, our finances play an integral role in our health, happiness and our ability to perform at our best.

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A people first approach for people focused companies

Thriving organizations rely on a healthy & thriving workforce.

Most organizational wellbeing strategies are designed to support and nurture the whole person that comes to work.

This is a challenging goal though for companies that can't support and enable employees and their families to thrive financially.

At MoneyHappy, we provide a comprehensive financial coaching solution that is delivered by people, for people. Everybody's finances are unique, just as they are - and so is the assistance they need to help them thrive.

Addressing financial stress to improve employee wellbeing

A workplace wellbeing strategy must prioritize mental and physical health, but financial wellbeing is often neglected and can reduce the effectiveness of the strategy.

Financial stress negatively affects employee health and wellbeing, including mental health, sleep, and self-esteem.

One solution to meet everyone's needs

Too many offerings promotes disengagement with benefits and programs.

Financial coaching as a workforce wellbeing solution allows you to flex to the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce and personalize at scale, simplifying your employee financial wellbeing strategy and improving engagement and results.

To truly empower your employees to work with a high level of energy, focus, and engagement, they need to be financially secure & well.

Here's how we're different from most financial wellbeing providers

1. We don't sell products, we solve problems

We don't sell financial products or provide personal financial advice. Through 1 to 1 professional financial coaching and access to our digital online financial wellbeing platform we help your employees feel empowered to manage their money and finances without stress.

2. We are a people focused business

We meet everybody on your team where they are at on their financial journey. We don't provide generic programs of training, instead we focus on individual goals and stressors with professional coaching sessions to deliver quick and measurable results for your business.

3. We bring consistency to your wellbeing strategy

To truly support the financial wellbeing of your employees and create lasting personal and organizational change as a result - continuity is key.

We believe financial wellbeing support should be a solution, not an event. We have financial wellbeing all of the time, that is why we partner with our clients to provide all year support.

4. We provide expertise and independence

Our professional coaches are financial experts (not amateurs) with years of experience and expertise in the financial services industry. You can be rest assured that your employees are dealing with qualified experts, who are professional, courteous and experienced with a broad range of personal circumstances, ages and life stages.

5. We take a results oriented approach

Whether you are problem focused or mission driven when it comes to bringing financial wellbeing improvements to your team - we work with you to define your goals and measure success. We understand every investment must show a return and work with you to define yours.

Not sure what you need for your financial wellbeing program?

Don't worry - just book a call and we'll help you work out where to start.

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