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Financial Wellbeing insights for
Gen Y & Gen Z

According to the 2021 Census data from the ABS, Gen Z (those aged 10 to 24) and Gen Y (those aged 25 to 39) now account for 18% and 21.5% of the population in Australia. Combined they are now the demographics to watch with their influence on employee benefits trends and demands important in the war for talent. This infographic combines the latest research on their financial wellbeing wants and needs.

How to talk to your employees about
financial well being

Talking about money is seen as the last taboo, but once you've seen the impact of financial wellbeing on your business, you'll want to start engaging with your staff.

This guide is the answer! We'll give you effective ways to interpret the data you already have, and show you how to foster a more open culture about money in your office.

How to build a business case for integrating financial wellbeing to your graduate program

The best talent now expects the best support from their employer, so all-in-one financial wellbeing has now become a priority for the modern workforce.

In this guide, you'll find a straightforward framework, to build a business case for financial wellbeing at your organization, and bring along any stakeholders you need to deliver an effective initiative.

Monthly financial wellbeing insights for people leaders & businesses