We help your people feel good
about their finances

Our proactive, integrated approach to personal financial wellbeing is relevant for any age or career stage and not just the financially stressed.

We are not just a crisis response tool, but a strategic lever for employee wellbeing, productivity, and growth.

We proactively support your employees with their financial wellbeing

Parental Leave

Support your employees' finances as they prepare for life's big moments and decisions

Benefits Guidance

Help your team understand the benefits & perks you invest in

Buying a home

Give your team access to their dedicated coach to help navigate life's biggest money decisions

Budgeting Support

Navigate cost of living concerns with 1 on 1 help creating and organizing their household budget

Goal Setting

Let us help your employees get in control of their finances and get on track to their biggest goals

Webinars & Content

Our video library and live monthly session keep your people engaged with their financial wellbeing all year

Together we create real results and lasting change for everyone on your team

Employers are uniquely positioned to assist their employees build their financial confidence & capability, with educational resources, financial training & coaching aligned to their career goals.

With personalised financial wellbeing for a diverse workforce

Women, single parents, and part-time workers, bear the brunt of escalating financial stress. But it’s not just lower income workers who are affected. 20% of employees earning over $100,000 per annum are suffering from financial stress too.

We meet everyone on your team where they are at with their finances to reduce stress, provide clarity and help them feel good about their finances.

- AMP Financial Wellness Report 2022

What Your Employees Will Say

We support your people, culture, and the bottom line

Reducing Costs

The rising cost of living is surpassing wage growth, causing stretched payroll budgets. MoneyHappy helps employees save, extend their income further and build confidence in their financial circumstances.


of employees agree that talking to a money coach would give them greater confidence to manage their money.

- Wagestream State of Employee Financial Wellbeing Report 2023

Supporting Mental Health

Financial stress is strongly associated with lower life satisfaction and psychological distress. This impacts employee happiness, productivity and job performance.


of Australian employees count financial pressure as their biggest driver of stress.

- National Employee Benefits Index, Flare HR, 2023

Upgrade your benefits, Save more time

MoneyHappy's financial coaches will help your team answer their biggest money queries about employee share plans, insurance cover, and pay slips. Free up time in HR so you can focus on the big picture.

Our platform provides year round activities for your employees to engage with and our HR analytics dashboard provides real time financial wellbeing insights for your team.

Supporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a part of corporate social responsibility, supporting the financial wellbeing of employees is crucial.

MoneyHappy offers a complete financial wellbeing solution that aligns with your company's diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and objectives, aiming to enhance the overall quality of life of your employees.

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